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It’s been a productive week so far!

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

What a week so far! It’s only Wednesday and it’s been pretty productive!

. Announced our super cool, print digital and interactive , unique directories and have been working on some really cool stuff in regards to them!

.Spyder still waters and talks to the plants every morning ( this always remind me of the show disjointed. If you know, you know 😂) at the baaree, a job he absolutely loves and it’s nothing new for him to bring me out there and show me how well they are growing or show me a cool butterfly or something cool in the garden 🥰

.Worked on the details and emails to begin sales for the awesome and unique directories for businesses.

.Finishing up the Gathering on the Green program book that we will be releasing in both print and digital earlier than just at the event this year!

.Gave away several Full Bloom Wellness gift sets complete with shower steamers, 30 min free massage and a high-end organic tea bag to some lucky Rockstars when we were out and about!

.featured the baaree on Tuesday night and some of their delicious offerings!

.we have been working on lining up food and market vendors for the Gathering on the Green concert weekend

.we are hosting #ridesharefoodie

While he tries out some great foods in Ozaukee

And maybe my favorite thing checked off my list;

Ordered a dozen cinnamon rolls from Baker Boys in Port Washington for pick-up tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday) throughout the weekend we will be out and about visiting a few places and also delivering magazines ;

My beautiful daughter and I will be visiting Handmade With Love for some caramel apples, BIG CHEW sweeTARTS and some hand dipped peanut butter cups!

We were invited to visit the three12 lounge at Twisted Willow Restaurant so Spyder and I will be enjoying some fun & relaxing time time there.

We will be singing karaoke at Buechler Farms, LLC Friday night too!

.We will be deep-cleaning a condo in Port Washington for some friends of ours. ( The view is amazing. It’s the only condo we clean so please no requests for us to come do yours. Lol )

We will be enjoying the Kick The Dust Up Rodeo Bulls & Barrels 2023 at The Barn at Buechler Farms on Saturday where we are a sponsor and giving away magazines, Full Bloom Wellness gift sacks, and a Spanky's Hideaway gift card or two for #giftcardgiveawayinoz!

We may even stop by Strawberryfest, although I will say, we aren’t real big fans of real big crowds. We like to keep things a little slower unless I’m behind a booth. Lol. So maybe next year that’s what I’ll have to do. It’s definitely an exciting event you shouldn’t miss and there’s the party in the park with Art of Joy for the kids and families!

Oh and of course, making sure there are bubbles bringing smiles to those enjoying the baaree all weekend! 😁

We will be delivering magazines to a handful of businesses we haven’t gotten them into yet too, so you never know where you’ll find us!!

See you soon Rockstars!

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